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Casa Sandra - Via Monte Paganella, 10 - Favaro Veneto Venice
Tel. +39 331 9069186 - info@casasandra.it - 10 MINUTES FROM VENICE


Casa Sandra is located in Favaro Veneto, 3 km from Venice’s Marco Polo Airport, 6 km from Venice’s Roma Square, 4 km from the new Venice Casino and a short distance from Mestre, practically in the center of Venice’s mainland. From Venice Marco Polo Airport.




• Taxi: is taken 15 minutes to get to Piazzale Roma (Radiotaxi Mestre telephone +39-041-936222 or for free call telephone +39-041-936222 ). Then, from Piazzale Roma the city centrer may be reached on foot or by waterbus in 15 minutes.


• WaterTaxi: a watercraft used to provide private transport (12 persons maximum), usually but not always in an urban environment. Service may be scheduled on demand to many locations, operating in a similar manner to a taxi.


• Bus ATVO: is taken 20 minutes to link the Marco Polo Airport to Venice (Piazzale Roma). Every 20 minutes. Flybus ATVO: link the Marco Polo Airport to the Railway Stazione  FFSS Mestre. (both directions: www.atvo.it)


• Bus ACTV: www.actv.it


Bus number 5: is taken 30 minutes to link the Marco Polo Airport to Venezia (Piazzale Roma) (about 30 minutes).


• Bus number 15 to Railway Station FFSS di Mestre





AUTOBUS ACTV number 45 and 45H MESTRE Railway stazione F.S. PER FAVARO-TESSERA-AEREOPORTO-CA’NOGHERA/CASINO’ both directions (download pdf 45 - download pdf 45H)

AUTOBUS ACTV number 84 Favaro Veneto/Venezia both directions (download pdf)

AUTOBUS ACTV number 4 Favaro Veneto, Mestre, Venezia both directions (download pdf)

AUTOBUS ACTV number 19 Favaro Veneto, Campalto, Parco San Giuliano (ask the driver where to get off), Venezia both directions (download pdf)



The Tram connects Mestre (the last stop is near the Railway Station) with Favaro Veneto:
get off in the central Piazza Pastrello, 2 minutes walk from Casa Sandra. (download pdf schedule).



EuroBus Service: Treviso Airport – Mestre -Venezia Flybus ATVO: Treviso Airpot – Railway FFSS di Mestre – Venezia (Piazzale Roma) Telephone: +39 0421 38 36 72-1 / +39 0422 31 53 81 - +39 0421 944. www.atvo.it


The Railway FFSS di Mestre is the right alternative if you decid to to sleep outside Venice
è l’ alternativa se vi fermate a dormire fuori Venezia
To Casa Sandra take the BUS Number 45 and 45H MESTRE Railway Stazione F.S. - FAVARO-TESSERA-AEREOPORTO-CA’NOGHERA/CASINO’ or call for a taxi the Radiotaxi Mestre telephone  +39-041-936222 


Venice is easily accessible: motorway A4 from Trieste and Turin, A27 from Belluno, A13 from Bologna; moreover SS.309 Romea from the Adriatic coast, SS.14 from Trieste, SS.13 from Treviso and SS.11 from Padua.
Another option is to leave your car in Mestre - parking areas are located near the entrance of the Ponte della Libertá and near the Railway FFSS di Mestre- and reach Venice by public transport as  buses and trains.


PARKING AREAS: Venice, Mestre, Favaro Veneto

Standard paid-for parking area at Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma e Mestre:


• ASM Venezia Piazzale Roma Garage (Near Piazzale Roma) telephone +39 041 2727301

• Parking Sant'Andrea (Near Piazzale Roma) telephone +39 041 2727304

• ASM Parking San Giuliano telephone +39 041 5322632

• ASM Mestre Piazzale Candiani telephone +39 041 976844 / +39 041 985616

• Venezia Tronchetto Parking (Isola del Tronchetto) telephone +39 041 5207555

• Venezia Garage San Marco (Near Piazzale Roma) telephone +39 041 5232213

• Fusina Park Terminal telephone +39 041 5470160

• Tessera Park Marco Polo (Marco Polo Airport) telephone +39 041 5415913

• Garage Europa (Mestre) telephone +39 041 959202


Is there a cheaper alternative:  park in Mestre on the blue area “Strisce Blu”. The tickets are available to the many shops (search the logo “Qui Biglietti”) and to the self-service ticket machines near each parking area. (info www.asmvenezia.it) Information office: Mestre Piazzale Candiani 32).

ASM Society provides a useful service of bike rental in Mestre. Very low prices.


Parking area: Favaro Veneto The cheapest solution. Utilize for free the central parking of the shopping center “La Piazza”. (just 3 minutes walk from Casa Sandra)



Near the shopping center "La Piazza", there is one of the parking zone equipped by the  Municipality of Venice. By subscription to the service, managed by ASM Venice, is possibile pick up or return the cars.



VENICE CARD: validity of 7 days

Can be purchased at ticket offices / agencies Hellovenezia (Piazzale Roma) or using the ACTV self-service ticket machine. Moreover there is a big network of authorized dealers that expose the ACTV logo.

Resales in Favaro Veneto:
Valerio Kiosk, Piazza Pastrello 17
Bortoletto Tobacco, Via Triestina 2

ACTV PUBLIC TRANSPORT: the Card allows unlimited travel on the navigation lines and on the land lines.
Including Favaro Veneto, Mestre and the City of Venice and the Lido area. The Card do not allow travel to or from the Marco Polo Airport: the urban buses requiered an additional charge of € 4.00 for one-way trips.
The price includes the transport of one baggage:  the sum of three dimensions should not exceed cm. 150.
Authorized dealers expose the ACTV logo.

ACTV self-service ticket machine: Piazzale Roma S.Chiara, Ferrovia Scalzi, Ferrovia S.Lucia, S.Marcuola, Ca' d'Oro, Rialto, S.Tomà, Zattere, S. Marco Vallaresso, S.Marco Giardinetti, S.Zaccaria Danieli, S.Zaccaria Pietà, Arsenale, Lido S.M. Elisabetta, Burano, Punta Sabbioni. Moreover: Marco Polo Airport, Piazzale Roma and Hospital Ospedale dell’Angelo.

18,00 € - validity of 12 hours
20,00 € - validity of 24 hours
25,00 € - validity of 36 hours
30,00 € - validity of 48 hours
35,00 € - validity of 72 hours
50,00 € - validity of 7 days