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Books and guides recommended by Sandra


An Unsual Guide to Venice: “Guida insolita del Veneto” written by Mauritius Victory, published by Newton Compton Editori


The Lonely Planet Book: Venice


The hidden treasures of Venice: “101 tesori nascosti di Venezia” written Alberto Toso Feio, published by Edizioni Newton Compton


History of Venice: L’alba dei libri written by Alessandro Marzo Magno, published by Garzanti.


La Piazza Shopping Centre. Is taken 5 minutes wolking to get the mall where there is the Supermarket ALI' and various shops including bars and bakery, bank and post office, tire repairer, beauty salons and hairdresser, clothing store and cobbler.

Supermarket Euro Spin (go to the end of the street, then turn on the left)

Bakery: do not miss the ancient grain bread, prepared each Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (go to the end of the street, then turn on the right)

Fish Shop: if you don’t like the idea to cook, take the Take Away Meal prepared by the owner. (go to the end of the street, then just cross the main street)

The shop is on the right fruits and vegetables come out via monte Paganella.

Fruit & Vegetable Store: (go to the end of the street, then turn on the right)

The Serafin’s Farm: the better place to buy organic vegetables. (on the way to the airport, Bus ACTV Number 15) The Farm is open each afternoon from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning until 12.30 am. Telephone +39 041 501 905

Pizza Delivery & Takeaway:
The nearest is just around the corner of Square Piazza Pastrello. But if you want a “great pizza” you have to walk a little longer, on the left side, until the Jiungle Pizza made by Gigi.

Self-service Laundry Machine:

Square Piazza Pastrello, just 5 minutes walking from Casa Sandra

Internet Point:

Square Piazza Pastrello with a service of telephone, fax and photocopy.

Car hire:
near the shopping center "La Piazza", there is one Car Sharing equipped by the Municipality of Venice. By subscription to the service, managed by ASM Venice, is possibile pick up or return the cars.


the municipal pool in the Park Parco Bissuola. During the summer the outdoor pool overlooking the park with many sun beds and very cheap price. (Tram or Bus number 4. The stop is in the Square Piazza Pastrello, on the way to Mestre)


trendy pool with a restaurant sets in a beautiful tropical garden. The restaurant is open all the year with many evening and lunchtime concerts. (On the way to the airport on the left)


the beach of the Lido (Venice). If you are already there, go to the Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta – Lido with a waterbus and just walk 10-minute walk to the sandy beach.

The Pellestrina’s island is the right place if you want a quite beach. The island is a lovely place where live many venetian fisherman and without to much tourism (there are no hotels). Do not miss to eat the local good fish! (From Lido take the Bus number 11 to Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta where the bus crosses the Laguna in a Ferry Boat reaching in 5 minutes the Pellestrina’s island. Then the same Bus runs the whole the strip of land surrounded on two sides by the sea and lagoon.
Alternatively, rent a bike and ride along the Lido (the same route is very nice venetiaduring the spring and the beginning of September). Do not miss the Ca'Roman LIPU Reserve: an example of a typical stretch of Venetian shoreline, those ribbons of earth and sand. http://www.veneziabike.it/pellestrina.html

Crazy Night:
Venice Casino is placed on the way to the airport. Open all the year with many evening and night shows. (On the way to the airport on the left, just 7 km from Favaro)